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Fournier's gangrene: our experience in 5 years, bibliographic review and assessment of the Fournier's gangrene severity index.
Gangrene is a serious condition in which a loss of blood supply causes tissue to die.
A differential diagnosis of early gangrene was made.
Controversy exists regarding the difference between primary and secondary Fournier's gangrene, and the condition has several other names: necrotising fasciitis, peri-urethral phlegmon, phagedena and necrotising cellulitis.
The illness can also cause poor blood flow, hampering healing and increasing the risk of gangrene.
The clinical characteristics of female patients with Fournier's gangrene.
In the clinical trial, the assessment of TTF included four components: major amputation of the treated leg, all-cause mortality, doubling of wound size from baseline, and de novo gangrene.
Doctors said that diabetes and smoking could increase the risk of suffering from gangrene.
Gas gangrene is the name given to a type of infection caused by six species of Clostridium, with Clostridium perfringens accounting for most cases (Revis 2008).
To detect suspected cases of gas gangrene, we harvested 53 smear specimens, of which 22 produced gram-positive thick bacilli (18 with capsules and 4 without).
We came across a case of ischemic non-occlusive gangrene of the proximal stomach in 2003 where no obvious cause or factors leading to the etiology could be found.
Gas gangrene is not just a historical curiosity", said Professor Titball,