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It was also informed that the dreaded gangster Faizal Shah has eliminated Imran, a close associate of gangster Nasir in the month of June.
He said: "People like the outlaw-type thing except we have a wannabe gangster in the White House now."
While talking to media, Additional Inspector General Amir Shaikh said that police faced armed resistance when they conducted a raid on an intelligence tip-off regarding presence of suspected gangsters in the area.
Sanjay Dutt, who is popularly known for his gangster roles in Bollywood, says he is completely different from the image that he has in films.
Faid has called himself a huge fan of gangster films, which he credits with teaching him how to pull off extravagant heists.
"Kung gangster kayo, mas gangster ako [If you're a gangster, I'm more gangster]," Duterte said before an assembly of vice mayors in Panglao, Bohol last Thursday.
He had been a close associate of another underworld gangster named D.
But Gangster has run only once since March of last year, when he made the running and was only collared close to the final flight before finishing fourth of five to Jezki in a conditions hurdle at Leopardstown last month.
The shootout between the gangsters and paramilitary force took place in Ali Muhammad Mohalla, the stronghold area of Lyari's notorious gangster Ghaffar Zikri.
Within four days of Gounder's killing, gangster Ravicharan Singh Deol, 34, who was once a national-level boxer and a Punjabi singer, surrendered before a court in Sangrur out of fear of being killed in an encounter or being eliminated by his opponents.