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I believe the Chancellor should cut down drastically on the importation of Hollywood rubbish, which in the main depicts crime and gangsterism - evils which we are striving to stamp out.
When the parents and guardians were given a chance to speak, they raised various concerns including, lack of discipline, lack of parent involvement and that the school should rather focus on bullying, peer pressure and gangsterism among learners in the school rather than tribalism.
Bulgaria in particular has lately been receiving chilly ratings from Brussels, for persistent gangsterism and the erosion of media freedom.
The first of these losses relates what is ostensibly the play's central subject, the scourge of drugs and gangsterism (seemingly endemic on the Cape Flats), and retaliatory action on the part of PAGAD (a vigilante group, People Against Gangsters and Drugs).
Some of our media movers and shakers clearly think that gangsterism is showbusiness for poor people.
This memoir of a young man growing up in London and descending into a life of gangsterism and juvenile delinquency provides a firsthand look at the lives of young graffiti artist hoodlums at the turn of the twenty-first century.
Sinn Fin was treated as an electoral pariah by the Republic's electorate until the IRA gave up violence and it is essential that claims of gangsterism or intimidation do not dog the party if it wants to cement its gains.
Russia leader Vladimir Putin has been shrugging at this gangsterism all along.
Yet it is precisely the internal developments in Indonesia that give cause for concern: The return to the politics of premans and gangsters reminds the world of the time when Indonesia was known less for its refined culture and more for the culture of gangsterism in politics.
In terms of prescriptions, while the authors discuss the importance of correcting laws and norms that allow gangsterism to prevail, their main message is methodological: they look to the promise of randomized program evaluations to do for poverty relief what clinical trials have done for medicine.
But while the force is poised to tackle gangsterism and terrorists, policing in the community remained the top priority.
Boys begin with street drinking, then move on to stealing, joyriding and gangsterism.