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The book is organized in ten well-written chapters which chronicle the decisive moments of Chibas's struggle against corruption and gangsterism.
And - let's face it - the smuggling of drugs is a hideous crime that causes misery for the end users and fosters a vicious, seething and powerful underworld of gangsterism.
Former Canadian Forces construction engineer Bernard "Rambo" Gauthier became an FTQ leader in which capacity he was recently convicted of gangsterism, as was his fellow FTQ leader Jocelyn Dupuis.
This is an isolated and unprecedented case fuelled by the excessive consumption of alcohol by both parties, and is in no way related to gangsterism.
The men, who were facing murder and gangsterism charges before the jailbreak, were found in a posh 10th-floor condo with a stunning view of the city in a ritzy new development in Old Montreal, just steps from the historic waterfront.
Arrested in 2010, they were originally slapped with drug-trafficking and gangsterism charges.
But the G7 states do not want to risk their own prosperity and are allowing Russia to get away with gangsterism on a vast scale.
The answers these three come up with may not also be perfect, but shooting dealers only breeds gangsterism and more bloodshed.
And for these children, many of them devoid of any optimism about the future, the world of gangsters and gangsterism seems impossibly glamorous and wealthy.
As the invasion of Iraq loomed, many warned that with its cavalier attitude toward the international law which it purported to venerate, the US risked resurrecting the gangsterism of the 1930s, the fascist presumption that "might is right.
A wave of planned sales of onshore Nigerian assets by oil majors has prompted speculation that they are finally leaving the Niger Delta because of oil theft, gangsterism and political uncertainty.
Post-Soviet Russia is a metaphor for free market gangsterism and regulated criminality, so locating an inverse procedural here doesn't tax the audience's imagination overmuch.