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Gangue minerais consist of quartz, sericite, chlorite, actinolite, tremolite, hornblende and calcite (Minfile 103P 023).
being) comprised (sic) of galena, sphalerite and a diverse suite of Ag and sulfosalt minerals in a gangue of siderite, quartz, or calcite.
0x20 The HCl consumption is a function of the amount of carbonate and fluorite in the concentrate and is expected to decrease for higher grade mineral concentrates containing less of these gangue components.
04 per pound) due to the increased gangue acid consumption resulting from the higher levels of dolomitic ore.
65 was used - which is the maximum for pure quartz, the main gangue mineral.
Lead should be recoverable by either gravity or flotation methods due to the higher density of cerrusite compared with that of smithsonite and the carbonate gangue minerals.
The kiln product consists of a granular mix of beta-spodumene and unreacted gangue minerals, which upon leaving the kiln is cooled to about 100DEG in a fluid bed cooler.
The gangue minerals are essentially quartz, carbonate and graphite which readily float while the copper bearing minerals are essentially chalcopyrite and chalcocite which readily report to the heavy fraction.
The VSI has the ability to break gangue, leaving the mineral particles intact and radically reduces the over-breaking of minerals that causes sliming and hence gold loss, such that the minerals will be easily recovered by both gravity and flotation.
For example, the entry into of a binding agreement is subject to various conditions and requirements of the Provincial government, which we may not be able to satisfy, and our management's ability to successfully consolidate and increase output at the mines and construct a coal gangue power plant, are subject to, among other things, the risks and uncertainties relating to the market condition beyond our control.
The re-grind mill will permit a finer grind of the rougher concentrate to free molybdenum particles from gangue material.
BULLETIN BOARD: PUDC) (''Puda Coal'' or the ''Company''), a supplier of China's high grade metallurgical coking coal used to make coke for the purposes of steel manufacturing, today announced that the Company signed a letter of intent with a local county government located in Shanxi Province (''the County'') to consolidate the County's six coal mines (''the coal mines'') and construct a coal gangue power plant.