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Tender notice number : IWAI/KOL/8/ALUMINUM GANGWAY /2017-18
Enabling access to multiple offshore platforms, the Ampelmann gangway will be used for project and maintenance campaigns, as well as supporting various scheduled shutdowns.
Conventional gangway tips are rounded which can fit on the majority of offshore wind turbines or offshore assets.
Following the new ramp gangway being installed, the Fishers were able to book themselves on to Boudicca, which they could not book on to a year ago.
By addressing a complete set of requirement for materials, strength, safety and functionality as well as testing and recommended in-service follow-up, we have created a specific and dedicated standard to make gangway operation safer and more efficient," says Per Arild [euro]Nland, business development, Offshore Classification, DNV GL -- Maritime.
These combine Osbit's highly regarded passive telescopic gangway systems with real-time, active control systems provided by Seatools.
Having previously visited Oman in 2011, Logos Hope welcomed over 26,000 visitors up the gangway.
AccuDock being a small business and manufacturing all US made products in house allows for competitive pricing and development of new innovative products, such as the ADA Compliant Paddlesport docks, ADA Compliant Transfer Platform and ADA Compliant Gangway solutions.
The gangway on the famous HMS Belfast collapsed into the River Thames yesterday, leaving two workmen injured.
We shuffled slowly with the crowd towards the gangway.
It's a touch dark on the inside with a narrow gangway and the sort of stainless steel material on the walls that Pret A Manger tends to use on the floor.
The jet landed at Domodedovo airport outside Moscow a few hours later, and a car pulled up at the foot of the gangway.