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The gangways can take many forms ranging from use for long duration personnel transfer between accommodation units and offshore production assets, to use for short duration transfer between service vessels and unmanned installations such as offshore wind turbines, offshore fish farms and similar installations.
In previous seasons some encroachment into the gangways here had occurred but it was minimal.
They did not appear to be blocking the gangways in the same way Manchester United fans.
Uptime International has entered into three new contracts for motion compensated gangways during summertime.
With eight foot wide gangways, design award winning shelving and Conran-esque pendant lighting, it is a far cry from supermarket aisles.
Brows, gangways, or ramps from the ship-to-shore or ship-to-ways or to dry-dock side, shall be provided in sufficient number to permit the rapid egress, under emergency conditions, of all personnel on board.
The large 4-foot x 6-foot work surface can be outfitted with a wide variety of gangways and SAF-T Cages.
Officials stressed safety concerns over so many people rushing over seats and down gangways at once before charging across the pitch.
For health and safety reasons gangways should be kept clear to avoid accidents.
The gangways will transport an estimated one million visitors onto the ship each year and--in addition to utility connections from landside--permanently secure the USS Intrepid in her newly reconstructed berth at Pier 86 in Hudson River Park.
After founding Stuyvesant Cove Park, which opened in 2002 between 18th and 23rd streets on the East River, Oddo has set his sights on a small pier 100 feet offshore, connected by gangways.
I would like to ask if he can do something about the problems with people blocking the gangways on the buses whereby people cannot get on and off the bus without suffering a mouthful of abuse off the owners of the buggies when you accidentally bump into them.