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The undead amp is also bad news for Graham Day, formerly of The Prisoners and now very much of the Gaolers.
Looking resplendent dressed like 19th century Napoleonic gaolers, the trio blast out the tunes with high flying vocal harmonies, lyrics about missing planes to Norway, The Most Expensive Sleep, Soundtrack To The Daily Grind.
Gaoler Beasley to Inspector of Prisons, 21 October 1904, J40 PD Box 102, 1904/1094, Transfer of Prisoner Lily Brown to the Wellington Lunatic Asylum.
Gaoler, Auckland to Hume, 16 November 1887 and 19 December 1887, J40 PD Box 31, 87/1252 Gaoler, Auckland.
Gaoler, Auckland to Hume, 8 June 1888, J40 PD Box 35, 88/464 Gaoler, Auckland.
New Zealand Police Gazette, 1890; J40 PD Box 49, 90/904 Gaoler, Lyttelton.
Gaoler, Wanganui to Hume, 8 January 1901, J40 PD Box 81, 1901/17 Gaoler, Wanganui.