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In order to study the role of GJIC in facilitating progesterone production in GCs in response to androstenedione 18aGA, a gap junction inhibitor, was used.
Alterations in gap junction organization and connexin expression have gained wider acceptance in contributing to abnormal impulse propagation and arrhythmias in acquired adult heart disease (Imanaga 2010; Song et al.
In conclusion, mediated by PKC signaling pathway, AA can regulate intercullular communication of follicular cells and development through increasing the production of ECM glycoprotein LN and gap junction protein Cx43 in the granulosas cells of prehierachical follicles in laying hens.
In advanced stages of cardiac pathology, connexin expression and intracellular coupling are diminished and gap junction channels become redistributed.
Kit-ir ICC present a variable number of gap junction, identified by Connexin 43-ir, either between adjacent ICC or between ICC and myocytes.
with its novel mechanism of action as a gap junction blocker, has the potential
After differentiation: receptor guanylate cyclase, nitric oxide receptor, G-protein-coupled receptor, integrin, cadherin, gap junction, ligand-gated cation channel.
The gap junction (GJ) is an aggregate of intercellular channels that links the cytoplasm of neighboring cells and allows small molecules such as ions to pass between these cells.
There's more than just limiting growth of cancer cells -- for example, when your heart beats, it is because of gap junction because all the cells have to be synchronized and this is achieved through gap junction channels.
The pores of the gap junction channels, which connect the interiors of 2 cells, are composed of proteins, termed connexins.
They stated that autosomal-recessive mutations in the gap junction protein connexin 26 gene are responsible for 20% of all childhood hearing loss, with a carrier rate of 0.