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The gape worm is a roundworm that affects wild birds, chickens and turkeys.
A long-defunct newpaper, the Otago Witness, hinted that he was neither Jackson, nor Jones, nor Trooper Gape and that his fellow tourists knew who he really was.
Each feeding bout consisted of a continuous rapid series of at least 5 gape cycles (7.1 [+ or -] 0.6; mean [+ or -] standard error), during which the tadpoles scraped food from the algal-covered slide.
Users access standard editions of Google Apps for free, but businesses can pay $50 per user, per year for GAPE, which includes a service-level agreement, greater security, 24/7 support and more storage.
GAPE initially came out of Google's consumer product line.
Filled with a cast of off-center characters and lopsided shenanigans, readers will blunder along with Gape, Groan and Gordo as they meet their adventures "head" on, becoming unlikely heroes in the process.
Body length, vertical gape length, and horizontal gape length were recorded for each fish.
The men gape. k winged giant thin as gauze breaks into the blue.
In the late 1980s, when Michelle Feynman would drive up in a big brown-and-tan van covered with odd-looking symbols, the other students at her Pasadena, Calif., art college would gape. Those trying to decipher the symbols didn't know that she was the daughter of the quantum physicist Richard P.
And in Little Frank and His Carp, 2001, passersby gape as Fraser rubs her body against the "powerfully sensual" curves of Frank Gehry's Guggenheim Bilbao interior while listening to an audio-guide paean to the building's fish-inspired forms.
A light aircraft lies upside down and split in half at San Pedro's airport, the entrails of roofless houses gape up at the sky, and the streets of this Belizean tourist resort are littered with the remains of homes, snapped telephone poles and torn electricity cables.