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It seems the Labour Health Minister is content with throwing PS5m on a nationwide level at the problem - truly a sticking plaster over a gaping hole in our NHS.
The grids are being cut away by the thieves, leaving gaping holes on the side of the road which are a hazard to motorists and pedestrians.
In this study, we compare the gaping behavior (gape distance, gape frequency, and role of gaping on ambient water pH) and time to mortality of adult C.
In the past, feedback sessions have found that many of our customers have had issues with their shirt buttons gaping open to reveal their undergarments," said M&S collections head of design Neil Hendy.
Using this gaping model, the Guelph researchers, along with University of Toronto professor Paul Fletcher, discovered that serotonin release in the visceral insular cortex may be responsible for the sensation of nausea.
Daisy's death has left a gaping hole in our lives - the kids just want their little sister back.
Fillets with significant gaping are also unable to withstand the demands of mechanical handling and industrial processing.
On CNN, Gohmert demanded that Cooper take a closer look at "the gaping hole" in the country's security, which he alleges allows foreigners to give birth in the U.
As a dog that was bred to race, she has a remarkable turn of speed, so you can imagine the damage and distress when running at 30mph, the low branch of a tree pierced her, leaving a gaping wound.
When Johnny Cash died in 2003 he left a gaping hole not only in the fabric of country music but also in the crazy quilt of American popular culture.