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After some more garbled dialogue, the dispatcher asked the woman if she shot the intruder, to which the woman responded, "Yes." The injured suspect could be heard talking in the background as the woman then yelled, "Don't get up or I'll shoot your (expletive) again!"
"The Garbled Computer" should be able to use standard data cloud services without revealing any confidential information or the nature of the data.
The primary cryptographic tools we use are homomorphic encryption, oblivious transfer, and garbled circuits.
GARBLED: Hamilton leaves court after being fined for assaulting a policeman with a 14ft sunflower.
With a healthy sense of irony compensating for some garbled plotting and hit-and-miss f/x, this "Bait" should really hook fans in ancillary, where the rudimentary 3D won't be too sorely missed.
A letter to the editor that appeared in the July 2012 issue of the Archives has a sentence that contains garbled text.
Now, I don't know what the show is actually going to be about (RTE garbled some gobbledegook about a bishop in disguise mixing with the unaware public, blah blah blah) and I don't want to, because nothing can be as good as the picture I've already drawn in my mind.
They come at you like a tsunami of white noise, the tunes drowned in a swirling mix of garbled vocals, echoing guitars and tinnitus-inducing drums.
And a draft version of a report prepared by the company has been described as 'a complete mess' and 'garbled to put at its kindest' by a senior councillor, who called on the council to seek to renegotiate the amount it is paying the firm.
His statement was sorta slow and garbled, due to blast damage to his mouth and the sudden loss of six teeth.
Bill Weimer, Niles, Michigan, writes that doctors believe his garbled hearing may be related to x-ray treatments he received as a child for earaches, a then common procedure.
YOUR article last week on my enthusiasm to contest the next general election as an Independent certainly brought a very garbled response from Plaid Cymru's John Wyn Jones.