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GARDEN. A piece of ground appropriated to raising plants and flowers.
     2. A garden is a parcel of a house and passes with it. Br. Feoffm. de terre, 53; 2 Co. 32; Plowd. 171; Co. Litt. 5 b, 56 a, b. But see Moore, 24; Bac. Ab. Grants, I.

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I knew nothing whatever last year about gardening and this year know very little more, but I have dawnings of what may be done, and have at least made one great stride-- from ipomaea to tea-roses.
These beds were the only sign of any attempt at gardening to be seen (except a solitary crocus that came up all by itself each spring in the grass, not because it wanted to, but because it could not help it), and these I had sown with ipomaea, the whole eleven, having found a German gardening book, according to which ipomaea in vast quantities was the one thing needful to turn the most hideous desert into a paradise.
There is not a creature in all this part of the world who could in the least understand with what heart-beatings I am looking forward to the flowering of these roses, and not a German gardening book that does not relegate all tea-roses to hot-houses, imprisoning them for life, and depriving them for ever of the breath of God.
Perhaps, too, he does not like the extracts from gardening books I read to him sometimes when he is planting or sowing something new.
The Spirituality of Gardening By Donna Sinclair Northstone Publishing $40.
This is not your typical tour with a one-way approach to gardening," said tour organizer Keith Malone.
Garden Stone: Creative Ideas, Practical Projects, And Inspiration For Purely Decorative Uses by expert gardening and award-winning gardening writer Barbara Pleasant showcases garden stonework from gardens in all parts of North America illustrating what can be done in diverse geographical locations and climates.
Gardens are a Greater Perfection than architecture because, in the words he quotes of Francis Bacon from 1625, they are the culmination of a civilizing process: 'When Ages grow to Civility and Elegancie, Men come to Build Stately, sooner than Garden Finely: as if Gardening were the Greater Perfection'.
D With Middle Eastern terrorism so much in the news these days, perhaps many of yon are wondering how gardening is done in the desert.
Many older adults have had a great deal of experience gardening and would enjoy working with younger people to pot a plant or start seeds in a seed tray.
From California to Vermont, readers responded to our request to share gardening experiences.
I have so many residents who had a leisure history of gardening," says Bethany Terrace Director of Activities Lori Lentz.