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The battle was in my head, with the gargantuan dragon emitting flames from its gnarly mouth.
Mr Andrews said: "If it was of gargantuan proportions then, when approximately 10,000 had been killed, what should it be labelled now, considering at least 250,000 people have been killed and 11 million are displaced.
James Harris directs The Compleat Works of Wllm Shkspr (abridged) at the Talisman Theatre in Kenilworth and says: "This is a gargantuan feat of epic proportions that one must witness to believe.
Safety has been one of the top priorities for customers--or so they say--and this has given us vehicles with gargantuan proportions and nose-bleed seating positions.
There's a gargantuan respect in the band for Giger .
The stunning, gargantuan, Richard Serra-like set (designed by Waltz and Thomas Schenk) was made up of a curved, hanging, caramel-colored wooden wall and a heavily raked white floor that sat like an installation on the beautifully lit stage.
Even that gargantuan amount, Bartlett admits, is understating the case.
At such times, insects grew to gargantuan proportions, reptiles took to the air, and the forerunners of mammals developed a warm-blooded metabolism.
But he's sure to make the company barbeque every Friday lunch hour, such as the one when a hurried editor was led through a field of gargantuan cubicles and out the back-of the office to where software developer Tom Mikic was getting his grill on for the dozen or so other staffers eagerly waiting for their food.
Renters currently pay north of $30K per month, a chunk of dough just about on par with what gargantuan monthly mortgage payments would cost.
Stars shop and mingle comfortably with poncho-wearing neohippies, and both politicians and activists drink Fair Trade coffee on their way to the gargantuan Victorian pleasure pier.