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Every gaudy colour that fluttered in the air from carriage seat and garish tent top, shone out in its gaudiest hues.
Abruptly one bulging gas-lit window broke the blue twilight like a bull's-eye lantern; and Valentin stopped an instant before a little garish sweetstuff shop.
It seemed that the succession of dwellers in the furnished room had turned in fury--perhaps tempted beyond forbearance by its garish coldness--and wreaked upon it their passions.
He is as fond of fine clothes as the veriest fool in existence, and has appeared in four magnificent waistcoats already--all of light garish colours, and all immensely large even for him--in the two days of his residence at Blackwater Park.
But imbedded, as it was, in its setting of garish light, it was impossible to distinguish its just proportions or true character.
They were garish in taste and colour, but were expensive articles of drawing-room furniture that had a very odd look beside the settles and the flaring gaslight pendent from the ceiling.
The place was brilliantly lighted, and the huge, heavily gilt mirrors upon every wall reflected and multiplied the garish illumination.
True, the present office was garish in appearance, but - as I have written before - would have benefited from having a stone-clad appearance, to blend in with the building behind it.
Make or break time as a garish guy sporting the 70s porn star look headed for the Far East to save his ailing design business.
We have a multicoloured, garish kaleidoscope, reminiscent of a cross between a child's paintbox and the arrival of the clowns in the circus ring.
Readers reckoned the garish blue, pink and orange tartan - designed by textile artist Jilli Blackwood - would win no medals in the style stakes.
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