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David Hockney's acclaimed design--flat, geometric, at turns coolly and garishly colorful, and yet rich with subtle allusion--constitutes, perhaps, the production's most significant aspect.
Stuard suggests that--in part because there were no full-length mirrors to provide head-to-toe scrutiny--clothing was garishly ornamented and brightly colored, with gilt and military affectations.
It does not symbolize anything historical, being merely a depiction of the huge, garishly lit cross that used to loom threateningly over Cahuenga Pass across from the Hollywood Bowl.
It owns Crown Media of "Hallmark Hall of Fame" fame and Crayola and all its colors, which might explain the garishly forced cheeriness of the town.
Presumably they'd be bombproof in big fields and, after the experience of football crowd control, unperturbed by being surrounded by lots of garishly dressed hooligans waving sticks.
in a garishly colorful, large-format graphic novel called In the Shadow of No Towers.
Another disappointment was Japan, garishly plastered with quasi-pornographic manga cartoons as part of a mundane investigation into the lives of otaku, Japanese computer nerds.
USA Today said of "Devil's Night": "The garishly funky beats that underpin the diabolically clever wordplay make the album hard to dismiss .
Traipsing into the art galleryesque lobby of Los Irabien, one is greeted by rich, classic decor--the requisite morose dark wood and garishly mismatched art that is supposed to reek of class.
These gleeful boasts, garishly illustrated in a brochure put out by the U.
She has "short, gray wool" and "very black toothless gums," and she is dressed garishly (9-10).
Instead of having vents placed garishly throughout the terminal, Raab found a way for their placement to be disguised.