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But because Citi Field is, after all, a post-modern and post-industrial stadium, the architects have slyly intimated that all the supports implicit in arches and masonry are just a ruse, and the abundance of open glass that leads into the garishly adequate Jackie Robinson Rotunda indicates just that.
Rubies" is now performed frequently by companies all around the world--often out of its context in the full-length Jewels--and often garishly.
Included here were twenty-one works from the series; ranging from about seven inches square up to more than six feet across, they are primarily but not exclusively abstract, either grisaille or garishly colorful.
Posing for a shoot to promote the latest Girls Aloud single, Cheryl proudly displays the barbed wire and plantlife design that garishly adorns the top of her right thigh.
The "boy-man" is everywhere in American society today, according to historian Cross: boyfriends who never commit to marriage, professional males who obsess over video games, fathers who fight with their sons' Little League umpires, husbands who prefer tinkering with their cars to family interaction, and leaders in business or government who exhibit garishly immature behavior.
The essays in this garishly covered book, which is declared in the blurb to be 'an ideal resource for students', are very mixed.
The spot, which depicted Taylor garishly dressed in disco-era clothes and applying lotion to another man's temples, destroyed his campaign, forcing him to drop out of the race amid bitter accusations that Baucus and the Democrats had employed a gay smear campaign.
David Hockney's acclaimed design--flat, geometric, at turns coolly and garishly colorful, and yet rich with subtle allusion--constitutes, perhaps, the production's most significant aspect.
It does not symbolize anything historical, being merely a depiction of the huge, garishly lit cross that used to loom threateningly over Cahuenga Pass across from the Hollywood Bowl.
in a garishly colorful, large-format graphic novel called In the Shadow of No Towers.
Another disappointment was Japan, garishly plastered with quasi-pornographic manga cartoons as part of a mundane investigation into the lives of otaku, Japanese computer nerds.
Officers said they were called to the scene at an adults-only sort of shop where the cashier reported he was robbed by a guy who threatened him with an oversized, garishly colored, battery-operated vibrating tongue.