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As we are all well aware, the days when simplicity was the only thing needed to design a team strip have long gone but even in this era of the football shirt becoming a fashion garment, the garishness of the ensemble which Everton wore on Saturday defied belief.
His slightly earlier Concerto for Piano and Wind Instruments took Bach as its template, layering it with patchwork garishness and intimations of jazz, and its performance here, with Kirill Gerstein the energetic, rigorous soloist, was captivating and stimulating - and how poignant to hear touches of Stravinskian tenderness coming through, despite the composer's avowed asperity.
Grant and her team do make a tremendous difference in the lives they touch despite the public garishness of their giving.
In its garishness and idolatry, Mary's ornate book of prayer suggests the incongruity of English high culture in a rustic American setting where the beauty of nature is a more fitting standard of aestheticism.
There is plenty of gratuitous titillation and tabloid exaggeration, but amid the garishness the weekly magazines have shone their torches into Japan's darkest corners, illuminating for the common reader everything from top-level bribery to nuclear cover-ups to food-labeling seams.
The garishness of the Catholic church, the colors, the priests in drag, the singing, the melodrama of the mass--all that is bound to influence you.
The garishness of the modern architecture and the plain and pleasant neighborhoods would have made the functionalist and semirestored sections of the east seem novel and romantic.
It was Mother India in all her mani festations--"Mother India with her garishness and her inexhaustible motion, Mother India who loved and betrayed and ate and destroyed and again loved her children, and with whom the children's passionate conjoining and eternal quarrel stretched long beyond the grave" (61).
Listening to a James Carter recording is like taking a trip to the state fair: lots of fun, plenty of color and bright lights and exciting sounds and smells, but when it is all over, you just can't wait to get home and put all the garishness behind you.
Garishness, vulgarity and commonness of mind offend me and problems of social significance on the stage, unless superbly well presented, to me are the negation of entertainment.
Coleridge agreed with Thelwall's complaint that the sonnet is obscure but stipulated that it was so primarily because of "a garishness & swell of diction" he recognized in many of his poems (Letters 1.
Perhaps it was the novelty and garishness of New York that made its cruelty stand out so sharply, while in Spain by contrast the social evils tended to lie buried under tradition or were hidden by a veil of censorship.