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Garner acts as Nick's surrogate mother, since he is apparently motherless in the story.
Garner only a model of parental kindness, a sympathetic nurturer?
In addition to his historical account of the Garners, Weisenburger explores the stories, sermons, poems, and myths that proliferated about Garner in the 1850s.
Why did Margaret Garner murder Mary, her own three-year-old daughter?
Although Garner and Affleck were not present during Violet's birthday celebration, the amicable exes were spotted together earlier that day.
For instance, Garner and Affleck reunited on Thanksgiving.
Affleck and Garner remain amicable after their split in 2015.
Although Garner and Affleck were not around, they were spotted strolling together earlier that day.
Garner and Duhamel's romance rumors began making rounds earlier this year.
Garner also announced in November that she is not seeing someone.
The first time Garner suffered a heart attack was in August after she gave birth to her second child.
Garner had reportedly left her kids with the nanny to spend some alone time with the Affleck.