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An individual who holds money or property that belongs to a debtor subject to an attachment proceeding by a creditor.

For example, when an individual owes money but has for a source of income only a salary, a creditor might initiate Garnishment proceedings. If the creditor is successful, a certain portion of the debtor's salary will be automatically sent to the creditor from each paycheck. In such case, the debtor's employer is the garnishee.

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n. a person or entity, quite often a bank or employer, which receives a court order to not release funds held for or owed to a customer or employee, pending further order of the court. (See: garnish, garnishment)

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GARNISHEE, practice. A person who has money or property in his possession, belonging to a defendant, which money or property has been attached in his hands, and he has had notice of such attachment; he is so called because he has had warning or notice of the attachment.
     2. From the time of the notice of the attachment, the garnishee is bound to keep the property in his hands to answer the plaintiff's claim, until the attachment is dissolved, or he is otherwise discharged. Vide Serg. on Att. 88 to 110; Com. Dig. Attachment, E.
     3. There are garnishees also in the action of detinue. They are persons against whom process is awarded, at the prayer of the defendant, to warn them to come in and interplead with the plaintiff. Bro. Abr. Detinue, passim.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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State inmate workers earn $6-8 an hour, and their wages are garnisheed for room, board, and restitution.
Christian and nurse Rosemary D Camp, his superiors at a white hospital, who, after giving him a golden bed-pan inscribed with his name for zeal in cleaning slops and administering electric shocks to incurably insane white patients, fire him when his wages are troublesomely garnisheed. Doopeyduk remains the duppy until a final involvement with a Nazarene artistic fraud finds him performing in an Uncle Tom show, being pelted with baseballs for the entertainment of white cosmopolites.
Less useful is the federal salary offset that allows the wages of federal employees to be garnisheed if they are in default of a federal loan.
My parents had friends who had recently come up from the South and thus were familiar with bankruptcy, garnisheed wages, and failed credit.
Moreover, these "wages" work out to a lot less for prison inmates, since they can be garnisheed for room and board in prison and prisoners have to pay taxes on their work (unlike conventional prison work).
But the payment didn't come until after the utility filed suit against the company last July, Symbiotics missed a court-mandated payment in September, and the utility garnisheed company bank accounts for $121,650 in November and $375 in December.
His paycheck from Blackstone National was garnisheed by the IRS for $5,192.66, and the state Department of Revenue for $954.49.