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garrulus including 91 females (mean snout-vent length, SVL = 46.
Ptenopus garrulus from southern Africa examined from the herpetology collection of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, (LACM), Los Angeles, California.
Monthly changes in the testicular cycle of Ptenopus garrulus from southern Africa.
Monthly changes in the ovarian cycle of Ptenopus garrulus from southern Africa.
garrulus from October in this study, (mean SVL = 34.
garrulus that had initiated vitellogenesis (Table 2) would have deposited eggs or undergone follicular atresia with the yolk being reabsorbed (see Moodley & van Wyk 2007).
3) Pulp consumer-seed dispersers are pulp consumer species (Parus ater, Garrulus glandarius, and Sitta europaea) occasionally observed to pluck some fruits and exit from the tree to another perch to eat the pulp, thus actually dispersing some seeds.