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Sometimes eating a lot of fruit in one sitting can cause gas pains and cramping from the large amounts of fibre.
It's the breakdown of foods during the digestive process that can lead to passing gas, burping, and gas pains or cramping.
The rear sight of the early Model 24 has probably given owners more gas pains than any other element of the design.
Constipation can cause gas pains, and it's best relieved by drinking lots of water, getting fiber from whole foods and fiber supplements and regular physical activity.
The MAM Anti-Colic Bottle, for example, has a vented base designed to ensure the smooth flow of milk while minimizing the amount of air that the baby swallows--and the gas pains and crying that can result.
In their totality, they painted an unwitting portrait of an audience afflicted by diabetes, high cholesterol asthma, high blood pressure, leaky bladders, gas pains, hemorrhoids and osteoporosis--and in dire need of a stool softener.
Today's gas pains should have the industry scurrying to develop future remedies now.
However, outdoor recreation buffs could find their lifestyle cramped by gas pains in other ways, as the increased costs of fuel works its way through the economy.