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A Chicago newspaper called him "the gasconading bootleggers' hero" and "the bootleggers' beau ideal." A federal judge claimed that McDonough had "both misdirected and misadvised" the Scalcucci brothers, while the Illinois Anti-Saloon League condemned him and demanded his indictment.
expansion: "Away with this Mexican gasconading about her pretend rights and pretend wrongs!" (28)
This sally of satire is admirably just, and we may devoutly wish (although we fear only wish) that it might operate in repressing some of the monstrous absurdities which abound in the present meretricious style of English orchestral music: because such sublime geniuses as Haydn and Mozart have introduced much of drum, trumpet, and trombone, in some of their grand symphonies, we find inconsiderable pretenders to composition, such as may be deservedly termed non-entities in the science, affecting a gasconading sort of imitation, fulminating upon our ears with an absurd jargon of deafening wind instruments, the only possible good of which (and which to be sure is some) is to drown the effect of their ignorant and false combinations of harmony and modulation by their overwhelming bray.(39)