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Above the left eyebrow was a wound--a deep gash from which blood had flowed, covering the whole left side of the face and neck and saturating the light-gray shirt.
And far enough they might have looked for poor Mr Rudge the steward, whose body--scarcely to be recognised by his clothes and the watch and ring he wore--was found, months afterwards, at the bottom of a piece of water in the grounds, with a deep gash in the breast where he had been stabbed with a knife.
Shell crew on the Fennica icebreaker found the 39-inch (1 metre) gash in the hull, likely caused by an uncharted shoal.
Our subsidiaries in Japan and Korea have attracted worldwide partners to work with us to expand markets, and we've also formed alliances with local corporations in South East Asia," said Simon Lu, COO of GASH.
Gash pounced on the rebound but fired over an open goal.
He said that 1,400 projects benefit from the electricity that is being implemented through the Eastern Sudan Reconstruction and Development Fund, beside rehabilitation Halfa Agricultural Scheme and Gash Development Project.
Callum Gittings and Michael Gash got the goals, but as a team I thought we did really well.
Gash knew exactly what he was doing minutes later, however, as he guided the ball into the corner of the net with the outside of his boot to put the hosts ahead.
I have seen a picture and it is a very, very big gash.
Walcott said that he had seen the actual injury and it was not a nice sight, adding that it was a very, very big gash.
Harriers restored their lead through Callum Gittings on the hour, then Cheyenne Dunkley headed a late third after Gash had missed a penalty five minutes earlier.