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Chicken Soup, Party Boss and Vacation may well have been vying for Wolverhampton honours of late, but they could suffer defeat at the hooves of Nad Al Sheba gate-crasher JACK SULLIVAN (2.
The saddest figures in this boisterous political carnival were the doormen of the Palais, stern disciplinarians who could spot a gate-crasher across a cinema foyer.
It was left to former football hero Ian Wright to dash to the rescue and kick the gate-crasher into touch.
They were quickly joined by ten other officers but in the confusion, the rooftop gate-crasher escaped.
Gate-crasher Leanne Redmond, 23, strode into the reception and punched Alison Lowe on the nose.
If I was a gate-crasher," he replies, his voice dripping with contempt, "I hope I'd be somewhere else.
Cohen produces the first national Tony telecast for ABC, during which Barbara Harris, the best musical actress winner (``The Apple Tree''), is visibly shaken when a professional gate-crasher, Stan Berman, takes to the stage and plants a kiss on her cheek.
A party gate-crasher stabbed a man to death in a frenzied knife attack.
Playing in their first Final Four since their entry in 2014, the NLEX Road Warriors proved they were not just gate-crashers but worthy underdogs as well with an 88-87 decision of the Magnolia Hotshots on Saturday.
And, hey, these party gate-crashers did it in style.
If there are gate-crashers, then it will put the host in an embarrassing and possibly difficult situation.
Leicester, on the back of Jamie Vardy's record scoring streak, are this season's gate-crashers and while no-one expects Claudio Ranieri's side to still be hanging around at the business end of the season, they appear capable of ruffling a few more feathers.