gather knowledge

See: discover, find
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Here be the images, and I am here' - he glanced at the lama's face - 'to gather knowledge.
9 DO YOUR HOMEWORK: While there are financial advisers to fall back on, it is easy to gather knowledge of your own in this Internet age.
Speaking about the students' conference, Al-Duaiwsan said that Kuwaiti students' role was not only to gather knowledge while studying abroad.
We gather knowledge all the while we are building future solutions.
Gather knowledge on the market solutions available and appraise them;
It can give people the opportunity to gather knowledge and experience useful for their future," said the justice minister.
Constantly driven to gather knowledge about the business environment, you quickly recognize trends in consumer behavior and effectively reallocate organizational resources to cater to changing customer expectations.
This research ensures, for example, that robots actually gather knowledge by focusing on certain objects or persons.
President Mukherjee said 'every academic institute must recognize their outstanding teachers who have inspired the young minds to gather knowledge beyond text books'.
The Audubon Christmas Bird Count harnesses volunteer power to gather knowledge that shapes conservation policy at enormous scales in this country," says David Yarnold, president and CEO.
Ask the right question(s) - gather knowledge internally to gain alignment on your "true" knowledge gaps and technical needs
Director Prof Maurice Moloney called the vandalism an attempt to "deny us all the opportunity to gather knowledge and evidence" on a possible new approach for reducing the use of pesticides.