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Mike, Audrey, Ken and Curly gather round the bedside of the wide-eyed one as she says her final goodbyes.
Note how rituals persist; near Manchester, in a village tradition whose origins were forgotten long ago, people still gather round a bonfire on May 1, bake ritual oatmeal barley cakes, brand one of them, draw them from a bag, and the one who draws the branded one jumps through the fire.
Breathes there a queen with soul so dead he never to himself has said, "Let's all gather round the piano and sing the score of Gypsy"?
That's not the case here, when you can all gather round for a spot of family fun in the company of Casper the Friendly Ghost, the world's least- scary spook.
Visitors to the three-day event, from April 1 to 3, will be able to gather round to listen to tales of adventure and romance from some of the UK's brightest spoken word and musical talents including Katrice Horsley, Michael Harvey, Simon Heywood and Stacey Blythe.
MAGIC MOMENTS: The thrill of Guy Fawkes night is written all over the faces of these boys as they gather round their bonfire in Premier Street, Everton back in 1974, while A simple sparkler still holds plenty of magic for eight-year-old Terry Gibaney of Hopwood Street, Everton HAPPY MEMORIES: Youngsters clamber up a ladder to make their towering bonfire on the bonfire field in Sefton Park in 1962 and, in 1987, this Bonfire night photo taken at a private party on Hornby Boulevard in Bootle, shows the occasion is for all ages INFERNO: Youngsters give a big cheer as their bonfire goes up in Myrtle Gardens in 1979
POIGNANT: Earthquake rescue workers and other mourners gather round the rows of coffins at the service in L'Aquila yesterday
Mary's wealthy gal pals - including neurotic magazine editor Sylvia (Bening) and lesbian author Alex (Pinkett Smith) - as well as her mother (Bergen) all gather round to offer their advice.
People have been rushing to pet shops to buy their own rodent so they can gather round and laugh at its pink ears and its long tail and coo to each other as it twitches its little nosey, washes its paws and, presumably, sits in its lonely cage longing for death to come and release it.
School girls on their way home, in 1972, gather round the statue of Hannah Mary Thom, near Marlborough Street, Marybone, Liverpool.
Head Pauline Davies and pupils (from left) Jawwaad Ujjaman, Christine Warmington, Hamed Adelyar, Arundeep Athwal, Nisha Prajapati and Jordan Hinch gather round the book-shaped cake' D30871_2' IT'S OFFICIAL.
It features well-known comedy actor Dewi `Pws' Morris telling fellow drinkers at the bar to ``gather round, gather round,'' in the pub as he tells a joke about an Englishman, Welshman, Irishman, Scotsman, Frenchman and an Italian crossing a shark-infested lake, which is then brought to life on screen in a re-enactment.