gather together

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It also released a cookbook and it is slated this month to release Proclamation Book, a compilation of testimonials from people whose lives have been changed by Proclamation, a CBS event where congregations from churches of various denominations gather together to read the Bible aloud, from beginning to end.
Here it does a little of both: Through a canny reorchestration of the old "bait and switch" routine, the owl, a mortal danger to the individual songbird, is instead employed to trap the species en masse, as, rather than flee, they gather together to defeat their common enemy.
Sydney, Australia, Sept 15, 2005 - (JCN Newswire) - Once again, Australia&s community of investor relations professionals will gather together at a black-tie evening affair on Wednesday, September 21 to learn who has earned the most plaudits from the investment community.
If the one Spirit dwells in us, the one God and Father of all will be in us, and He, through His Son, will gather together into unity with one another and with Himself all who share in the Spirit.
Every year, we gather together to recognize the incredible contributions that women business leaders make in communities.
We gather together because we don't know how to act for justice.
Together they gather together the facts of Sam's changes and uncover a shocking truth.
LAST JUNE'S Youth Forum on Ethical Leadership saw more than 40 students from across the UK and beyond gather together at the University of London.
Imagine if, as an interviewer/moderator, you could gather together several of the most successful, most recognized voice teachers in America to chat about the art of voice teaching over a long, long period of time--even days or weeks.
The books gather together articles and book chapters of a single author often from lesser known periodicals, festschrifts, and proceedings of conferences that would otherwise take days to track down.