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Under the law, paid signature gatherers must register with the Secretary of State's Office, pass a background check and go through a training program.
In addition to volumes received from producers and gatherers in the Barnett Shale region, the Sherman Extension will allow Enterprise to provide 200 million cubic feet per day (MMcf/d) of natural gas capacity from the Waha area in West Texas to Morgan Mill.
The gatherers themselves have always maintained there is nothing wrong with the cockles.
The second volume reviewed here deals with the Comcac who were and are nomadic hunters and gatherers of the coastal region of Sonora and offshore Islands, better known as the Sen.
We've had teams of individuals working in the field and they've observed paid signature gatherers stating almost anything to gain your signature," stated Chris Dugovich the President Executive Director of the 16,000 member Labor Union.
Example: A dozen roses from the order gatherers will cost anywhere from $69.
In a political climate influenced by professional signature gatherers and paid political consultants, the current initiative process mainly empowers well-financed, special-interest groups and large corporations.
The gatherers from Gower, and other parts of Wales are adamant that the Food Standards Agency's safety testing methods are out of date.
The act led to an investigation and overhaul of the industry -- including a new law that requires gatherers to be paid by the hour, removing the incentive to cheat.
Defend Oregon spokesman Scott Moore said none of the 18 signature gatherers with criminal backgrounds appears to have such convictions within the past five years.
The idea is to clamp down on paid gatherers, so as to make the process less susceptible to professional campaigns, and thus more democratic.
OUT-OF-WORK cockle gatherers from South Wales are to stage a demonstration in London on Friday to demand changes in the way the shellfish are tested for safety.