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Of particular importance to the upstream and midstream sectors, the NPRM includes a proposal to modify the federal safety standards for onshore gas gathering lines in four significant ways.
Summit Investments reimbursed MarkWest and EMG about US $377 million, which represents 40% of all Ohio Gathering capital contributions made to date.
This is not only a clear appreciation of the services rendered by the MoH in the field of mass gathering medicine, but the WHO has also involved the Kingdom in its global collaborative efforts to offer better health care services for the world population," an official from the MoH said.
The recently formed Independent Christian Gathering is meeting regularly to discuss national and international affairs, and despite the fact that the gathering does not have a political affiliation, sources say that factions within it are working to pull it in various directions.
4 : the act of gathering money (as for charitable purposes)
the story of spirit's 'recollecting and gathering itself
We have to remember that the purpose of gathering sheep together was to protect them for a purpose, and that that purpose was to fatten them up for the slaughter.
Cathy Mechsner, who hosted the gathering, said her first experience with the French language came from her grandfather, who was stationed in France during World War I.
87-56, "assets used by petroleum and natural gas producers for drilling of wells and production of petroleum and natural gas, including gathering pipelines and related storage facilities" have a seven-year MACRS recovery period.
In short, big lenses equal good light gathering, which, in turn, creates big binoculars.
A huge annual gathering of hippies freaks out the National Forest Service