gathering together

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Grave thoughts were gathering together in his mind.
Hundreds of thousands of Muslim pilgrims attend evening and night prayers at Mecca's Grand Mosque gathering together from all parts of the world to perform the annual pilgrimage of Haj.
How apt that this particular route is called Katipunan, which means 'a gathering together.
3 : the act of gathering together <The right of assembly is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.
For man, autumn is a time of harvest, of gathering together.
Pow Wows are a lot more than just a bunch of people gathering together to dance in elaborate costumes, plumage, and beadwork.
It does the job for you by gathering together timetable information on all public transport services in Scotland and merging it into an amazing database that offers you integrated journey planning by calling 0870 608 2608, by text, or at www.
0nly the Pope, said Father Buttet, was capable of gathering together all Swiss Catholics, who have been divided for decades.
This is silence as attentiveness, a gathering together of one's forces.
PEOPLE from churches of all denominations from Coventry and Warwickshire will be gathering together for a millennium celebration.