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how shall one describe what took place then--when the full exuberance of the majority and the full reaction of the minority united to make one great wave of enthusiasm, which rolled from the back of the hall, gathering volume as it came, swept over the orchestra, submerged the platform, and carried the four heroes away upon its crest?
Wherever he happened to be - at the Press Club, at the Redwood Club, at pink teas and literary gatherings - always were remembered "The Ring of Bells" and "The Peri and the Pearl" when they were first published.
Not at theatres only; but among other gatherings, in other places, the foreigner had noticed the same stolid languor where any effort was exacted from genteel English brains, and the same stupid contempt where any appeal was made to genteel English hearts.
Everything seemed undistinguished about the priest, even down to his name, which was Brown; yet the colonel had always found something companionable about him, and frequently asked him to such family gatherings.
Crisparkle had known professors of the Noble Art of fisticuffs, and had attended two or three of their gloved gatherings.
I must lay hands on Michaelis at once, and get him to speak from his heart at one of our gatherings.
They had met from time to time at gatherings in other students' houses.
Rumours had reached the lodge of secret gatherings in the Herald office and of distribution of firearms among the law-abiding people.
He took no part in the students' gatherings, amusements or conversations.
Slowly at first the earth slid down, but constantly gathering force and speed.
She lived with them a whole week long, giving them all of herself, and gathering and filling herself with their young existence.
When a young gentleman like Dunsey is reduced to so exceptional a mode of locomotion as walking, a whip in his hand is a desirable corrective to a too bewildering dreamy sense of unwontedness in his position; and Dunstan, as he went along through the gathering mist, was always rapping his whip somewhere.