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issue in so far as the gathering-we gathers its own gathering by
other words, the gathering-we of the polis gathers in its inaugural act
Like so many other European cities, Florence has plenty of public space for people to gather in, assemble, mingle, be entertained, or take an evening walk.
Ancient temples only had room for priests and sacrifice, but Christian basilicas copied the architecture of assembly halls and created wide open spaces to welcome and gather in the whole Body of Christ.
Gathers collapsed and died at LMU's Gersten Pavilion on March 4, 1990, during the Lions' semifinal game of the West Coast Conference tournament against Portland.
In a touching ceremony at halftime of the Lions 77-65 loss to Pepperdine on Saturday, Gathers was remembered for his boundless energy on the court and helping to fuel the Lions high-powered offense under then-head coach Paul Westhead.
For example, in one offense, the QB may use a "7 big with a gather step" on an 18-yard comeback route by the wide receiver.
If the QB is habitually late in his delivery, it may become necessary to change his drop to a "7 quick with a gather step" in order to time out the pattern.
Nearly 10 years have passed since Gathers, the charismatic forward who had led the nation in scoring and rebounding the previous season, collapsed on the floor at Loyola Marymount in a West Coast Conference tournament semifinal and was pronounced dead an hour and 41 minutes later.
He gathers us all about him, his brothers and sisters, living and dead to offer his sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving to the Father.
An hour and 40 minutes later, outside the emergency room at Daniel Freeman Marina Hospital, Gathers, a gargantuan talent, was pronounced dead.
APL gathers approximately 54 million cubic feet ("mcf") of gas per day from these wells.