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Pound will get back to Gaudier, analyzing the new global order of the 1930s, in a second homage to his friend "mort pour la Patrie", "Gaudier: a postscript 1934," first published by the New York magazine Esquire, in August 1934.
When it comes to colour, it is a case of the gaudier the better as luminous pinks, electric blues and sunset yellows take centre stage - enough to make even glamour model Jordan's fantastical footwear look tame.
Later, as the water warms, Carroll goes with gaudier presentations.
So that Dante's view is quite natural: this light as a river in Kung; in Ocellus, Coke, Agassiz rei, the flowing this persistent awareness Three Ninas from Gaudier Their mania is a lusting for farness Blind to the olive leaf, not seeing the oak's veins Wheat was in bread in the old days (1.
As logo and color treatments have become bigger and gaudier, it's made being a wearer of sportswear kind of impossible for me.
The Dorrits are still in Venice this week, where Amy's gaudier sister Fanny is fed up with frescos and still trying to shake off Mr Sparkler.
Journalists report on the "newsworthy" but ignore the vast bulk of law, and the odder and gaudier the legal development, the more newsworthy it can be.
Swarovski crystals may sound like a means of powering transport in Star Trek but the lead glass crystals are every gadget-maker's dream when they want to make something glamorous - if your definition of glamour is gaudier than Girls Aloud dressed in tinfoil.
Texas' Kevin Durant and Ohio State's Greg Oden could have been promising young NBA stars with lucrative contracts and even gaudier endorsement deals this season if not for a new rule that prohibits players from jumping from high school to the pros.
I felt privileged to work with him and Eva Neurath on several books, including one on the English sculptor Gaudier Bzreska.
Gaudier, USN, (Gold Star in lieu of Second Award), Fuels Division Quality Assurance Supervisor, Regional Supply Office Oceana, Va.
VEGAS WEDDINGS UNVEILED follows couples as they get married in the "wedding capital of the world" -- a city where all you need to get married is a willing partner (sobriety not required), a marriage license ($55, cash only), and a gaudy Chapel with an even gaudier Chaplain (it comes with the territory).