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Nor even the populist loan scheme that the prime minister has unveiled so gaudily.
They were gaudily bright with a brash, metallic sheen; moreover they were fugitive when exposed to light and not fast to washing.
Rowling were being listed for a Nobel Prize the same week the Harry Potter theme park gaudily opened in Orlando.
The gaudily striped fishes can start having babies before they're even a year old, and have caused the biomass of the populations of the 42 fish they prey upon (http://www.
Clearance" was the word, the result a gaudily modern facelift whose chief physical characteristics are endless one-way systems, roundabouts, and mortuaries.
Such thoughts were far from the minds on Friday of gaudily attired pilgrims to Chichen Itza seeking spiritual release.
Finally, when all hope seemed lost, Hamid and her younger sister, Hafsa, were packed off by their mother, Fazilat, on the back of a trekker - those gaudily decked-up vehicles you find in rural Pakistan - and taken to Lahore.
The gaudily dressed men were wearing heavy gold jewellery and seated in a Honda Civic bearing a Haryana number plate.
Director Stephen Frears has fun with his gaudily costumed cast and freewheeling story.
Can they really believe the little old women living on crofts in the western isles, in houses that had no windows, spent their evenings weaving gaudily coloured cloth?
Perhaps the gesture of clapping and dressing gaudily started to fulfill this urge.
Of course, that doesn't include a generous tip for Moonbeam, your spiky-haired, gaudily tattooed server at the Chateau du Chai.