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And at no time of year is that yin and yang of carefree childhood and the boredom of family routine more apparent than this season of tinsel and gaudiness.
He brought in a religion spun of a coarser thread though guarded with a finer trimming, made luscious to the senses with pleasing ceremonies; so that many, who could not judge of the goodness, were courted by the gaudiness thereof.
It glows with almost as much neon as Las Vegas--but without the gaudiness.
When I walked out of the theatre onto the terrace over the pier, looking at the night city, I had the feeling I occasionally do, not cowed before its impassive sublimity, its cold grandeur, but seeing it as a set of children's toys, remarkable for their ability to keep standing in their gaudiness, their loose conglomeration of simple geometrical forms--noting that they had not been there very long, and that it wouldn't take so much for them to go back where they came from.
Sui Sin Far goes further, opposing the realist writers' Orientalist view of Chinese aesthetics, with its emphasis on cheapness and bright gaudiness, to assert a Chinese aesthetics that promotes discipline as a virtue by emphasizing such qualities as selectivity, subtlety, and preciousness.
36) Lydgate touches upon this association between green garments and gaudiness elsewhere by choosing the color for his merciless satire of both female fashions and equestrian ornament in "Hood of Green," a poem in which he parodies the extravagance of au courant items of attire by imagining one adorning a horse.
While he succeeds in "reducing Satan to a salesman of empires," and "exposes the gaudiness of empire," "he does not quite succeed in exposing its emptiness" (108).
The ring left by a tankard on the table and the gaudiness of the playbill would no doubt have been eagerly absorbed into the riot of the senses that the decadent poets were seeking.
Her lack of jewelry reminds the viewer that this woman cannot be purchased by jewelry, nor does she reveal her gaudiness by displaying her jewelry to all and sundry.
Less professional hands and less sensitive hands would have tried to drive home the scenes by literalness, gaudiness, and noise.
Similarly, you will hear no harsh word from the recipient in terms of the naffness of the box the gaudiness of the wrapping paper if you spend a couple of grand on a nice pair of emerald ear-rings.