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GAUGER. An officer appointed to examine all tuns, pipes, hogsheads, barrels, and tierces of wine, oil, and other liquids, and to give them a mark of allowance, as containing lawful measure.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The gaugers, to their mounting fury, found only blank looks and shaken heads; Isaac Addison himself was behind his own bar, the very model of a law-abiding landlord.
As the author of A Discovery of the True Standard Gallon of England protested, "It is the just complaint of the Brewers that the gaugers ...
(47) Not only did The Case of the County Common Brewers protest against this, but it further charged that gaugers persisted with the "unwarrantable Gaging of hot Worts ...
that excluded the gaugers from coverage under the TAA because, it
conclusion that the gaugers were not covered under the statute, because
Other documents may include run tickets, adjustment tickets/reports, meter proving reports, tank strapping reports, tank gauge and thief reports, liquid inventory records, field gauger notebooks, laboratory records, maintenance records, marine vessel and voyage reports, pipeline receipt and delivery reports, batch reconciliation reports, loss/gain reports, and other applicable documents.
But he argued that oil measurement is a "very uncertain art" and that Koch gaugers "aren't rocket scientists." Yet the committee pointed out that none of the other oil companies, whose records it also subpoenaed, revealed a similar pattern of mismeasurement.
The North Central O Gaugers Model Railroad Club Inc.
In October of 1996, three months after the exoneration of the Ford Heights Four, Lawrence Marshall won the release on appeal of another innocent man who had been sentenced to death in Illinois--Gary Gauger, a farmer from McHenry County, north of Chicago, wrongfully convicted two years earlier based on a supposed confession to the murder of his elderly parents.