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Capacitance Gauges Come of Age for Blown-Film Thickness Control, Oct.
Ionization vacuum gauges were tested by comparison method using custom made vacuum system.
205 covers which gauges need to be in the aircraft and functioning for VFR and IFR flight.
A Comparative Study of Various Needle Gauges in Diagnostic Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology.
Multi Ionization Gauge SH2' Can Connect Sensor Heads with Different Measurement Range
com)-- TEK Instrument Company, an online distributor of Instrumentation, Controls, and Gauges now offers the Ashcroft Type 2089, 2086, and 2084 Precision Digital Pressure Test Gauge.
The gauges are made by Beede Electrical and are installed into the control panel of your generator by DRS Fremont.
The gauge finger design enables a variety of gauge points and positioning configurations to allow fast, programmed resetting of gauges for both taper and right-angle bends.
The IGM402 miniature ionization vacuum gauge module operates two convection gauges simultaneously.
All three gauges fall in the 1200 series and offer three levels of measurement, depending on the intended application.
Mechanical melt-pressure gauges provide local indication on extruders, easy readability, and resistance to vibration.
Ring gauges are pretty much the industry standard for checking doors.