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also has expanded its Concept One system from gauging alone to a total extrusion control that includes all extruder and downstream parameters.
In gauging for film and sheet, expect to see new sensors and systems with beefed up networking and processing capabilities, as well as some improved operator interfaces.
The experience of Beaulieu of America, a polypropylene film producer, under-scores some of the issues surrounding nuclear gauging today.
Cincinnati, introduced the ConceptOne, reportedly an extraordinarily powerful and flexible gauging package for flat webs for a moderate price--less than $40,000 for a package including a single beta sensor, two displays, and printer.
Several gauging introductions will be on hand from LaserMike Inc.
A half-dozen equipment suppliers introduced new gauging devices, controls, cutters, and other downstream equipment for extrusion at the Medical Design & Manufacturing show in N.
Inventory tank gauging instruments are used to measure the level of a liquid contained inside a tank.
Also, the tedious job of using go/no go gauging techniques and excessive wear on parts or gages is eliminated.
Instrumentation: Non-contact laser based dimensional gauging system for off-line profile measurement of extruded rubber circumferential tread wear analysis
Advanced hand held ergonomics allied to an ingenious mechanical/electronic systems render SmartPlugs the easiest to operate Bowers bore gauging system to date - simply insert the hard-wearing plug end into the bore to be measured and instantly read the required diameter on the gauge's built-in indicator.
com announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue: Global Inventory Tank Gauging Market 2014-2018 http://www.
The first non-contact beta-type nuclear gauge was created in 1948 by Tracerlab, now part of EGS Gauging.