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Getty, whose late father was once the richest man in the world, gave away at least pounds 120million of his estimated pounds 1billion personal fortune to British causes.
But some companies are asking, and more should--especially when you consider that corporations gave away about $4.
Because this arrangement qualifies for favorable tax treatment under section 2702's safe-harbor rules, the acturarial value of what the father retains $48,967, assuming a 9% discount rate) can be used to reduce the value of what the father gave away.
In addition, exactly one year ago, Kum & Go gave away four tankers full of gas - valued at more than $24,000 each - as part of a summer give-away promotion.
Publisher Berman Investment Group announced today that in December 2004 they gave away over $400,000 in money-making products.
McCarron said the promotion is ``flattering'' and rated the likeness as ``pretty good'' - definitely better than the caricature on the ``Chris McCarron money clips'' that Hollywood Park gave away in the 1980s.
Last year the scoop shops gave away more than 1 million free cones worldwide
SANTA CLARITA - While they couldn't pronounce it, each girl happily roller skated home Saturday with a baby Celtis sinensis in hand, two of the 1,000 trees the city gave away Saturday at Central Park in honor of Arbor Day.
Says Ferris, "It's like the old-time quiz shows: they gave away TVs, we give away mutual fund shares-talk about the gift that keeps on giving