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The Law Minister also gave forth the reasons as to why the bill was women-oriented and not gender neutral as was demanded by some sections.
Perhaps some of the blame, along the way, could be laid at the feet of those in Whitehall who gave forth the information upon which Gordon Brown, in his various capacities, up to and including that of Prime Minister, acted upon.
Smith gave Forth Ports director Alan Burns a letter from Tajani which indicates that any new operators could be in line for EU funding assistance.
Every night while she crocheted and I crayoned a coloring book, we gave forth with earnest concerts of benign hits of the '40s.
Each 10" rectangle gave forth a single resounding "clang" as the .
He has been the first to marry, but still his father gave forth unasked for advice.
How they killed them is unknown because the children's bodies were not washed up by the sea which gave forth the adult corpses and proved the crime.
They gave forth a pink smoke that brought knowing smiles.