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She slipped down in the darkness, stole out the front door, approached the place of sacrifice, lifted the cover of the well, gave one unresigned shudder, and flung the parasol downward with all her force.
The pensioner painted his face three times and gave one copy to her footballmad son, gave one to Keegan himself and now hopes to auction her last copy off to raise money for needy children.
He was instrumental in making the dream of the new Jersey City Medical Center a reality, and generously gave one day each week of his time to the Medical Center as the non-monetary part of his gift to fund the new hospital.
Milan -- Avvenire, Italy's Roman Catholic daily, reported on January 16, 2005, that Hitler gave one of his generals an order to kidnap Pope Pius XII during World War II--but the officer did not obey.
Give us a penny Mister,give us a penny Come on Mister, you don't have to be skinny I wondered what one penny piece could buy Can't think of anything,no matter how I try A penny piece won't break me, soI gave one Then he asked the same request to the next person The target this lad set,he would surely reach If every person asked gave one penny piece Yes
According to the FBI, Julius cut a Jell-O box into two oddly shaped pieces and gave one piece to his brother-in-law to use in identifying his Soviet spy courier.
A BOGUS nurse who gave one patient a powerful injection and took another for major surgery is being questioned by police.
DC Shoes and Action Pursuit Group, producers of Hot Import Nights (HIN) and HINCity, gave one car enthusiast the ultimate "drive all day party all night" prize package.
Jamie Foxx gave one of the evening's most gracious and emotional acceptance speeches after being named best actor in a comedy or musical for his note-perfect turn as Ray Charles in ``Ray.