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The order revokes the requirement in Executive Order 13761 to provide an updated version of the report annually thereafter and, concurrent with those reports, to publish in the Federal Register a notice stating whether the Government of Sudan has sustained the positive actions that gave rise to Executive Order 13761.
Britain's Got Talent may have found a singer who could be as big as Susan Boyle, after round one of the talent show's auditions gave rise to Jonathan Antoine.
The first conference in Indian labor history, for example, was held in the fall of 1995 (perhaps fittingly in the International Institute of Social History, home of the bulk of the Marx-Engels papers) and the meeting gave rise to the Indian Labour History Association.
For a long time, scientists wondered which one, or combination, of these historically older, wild relatives gave rise to dogs.
Their analysis of that tree suggests that ancient locusts from Africa gave rise to the 50-or-so modern New World species, Lovejoy and his colleagues say in an upcoming Proceedings of the Royal Society B.
He also makes good use of the men's own language because, like any war, this one gave rise to its own terms: digging trenches, for example, was 'gabion-dodging'.
The cells were successfully integrated into the developing chicken ear, and they gave rise to cells characteristic of hair cells.
As Peter Blundell Jones demonstrates in his analysis of traditional Korean domestic architecture (p80), the simple, unaffected way in which people lived in balance with climate and landscape gave rise to a richly nuanced architectural culture that offers a compelling alternative to the air-conditioned and overheated buildings that have become the depressing, energy-guzzling norm.
Originally formulated by a carpenter to heal his dry, chapped hands, Badger Healing Balm gave rise to a whole line of all-natural balms and oils by the W.
To apply, there must have been an act which gave rise to a liability under state or Federal law, and the act must have occurred more than three years before the tax year in question.
The appeals court held that the inmate's physical disability, coupled with his confinement in administrative segregation for nearly two months in a unit that was not designed for disabled persons, gave rise to a protected liberty interest under the Due Process Clause.
Dolly, the sheep who made history as the first clone from a mammal, and gave rise to fears of human cloning, died at her home in Edinburgh, Scotland, last month after developing a lung Infection.