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Atari is but a springboard to a story concerning Sam (John Daley) - a geek thanks to his youthful gawkiness - who discovers, at an electronics store, that the ostensibly ``cool'' father of his friend Neal (Samm Levine) is having an affair.
Stowell, however, was a rather restrained Rothbart with none of the rubbery gawkiness of the television sitcom character.
One by one, kids began to stand up throughout the auditorium and, in all their painful adolescent gawkiness, slowly walked toward the stage.
Lord, an 18-year-old new to the New York stage, is delightful in both her gawkiness and her grandiosity as the self-dramatizing Shirley, whose head is still chockfull of the dreamy illusions her seniors have had to forsake.
It's mildly dismaying to think, given her youth and the gawkiness of her performance here, that she's playing Audrey Hepburn in an upcoming TV movie.
As Thelma, though, Davis has the chance to add to her repertory of loose-limbed gestures, which so often have been used only to convey goofiness and gawkiness.
While the stars on show are instantly recognisable, it's unlikely Peter Crouch and Ronaldinho will thank the designers for amplifying their gawkiness, and the only thing Wayne Rooney needs to complete his Neanderthal look is a Captain Caveman-style club.
Graceful, too, is the way he employs his lanky frame to define Leo's gawkiness.
And MTV fixture Emmy Laybourne is Mary's sister in gawkiness, Helen.
His nervous fumblings and obvious gawkiness work well as the 15-year-old boy but it stays with him when he tries to play the grown-up Carl.
You watch in wonder as she outgrows her gawkiness and comes of age.
The ever-appealing Rudd does his considerable best to play up Adam's gawkiness, and we are told repeatedly of his lack of success with women, but his gullibility -- and malleability -- stretch credibility past the breaking point.