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"When I first saw him he was a very raw, gawky 14-15-year-old.
But Tom falls instantly in love with the gawky, misshapen puppy and says he's 'the most beautiful thing in the world'.
Each man the most awkward soul, One gawky and somber and the other wry and mystic.
She plays a gawky American teenager who discovers she's the heir to the throne of a European country.
As played by the canny Australian actor Devon Terrell, he's not even Barack yet --he's just Barry, rolling with the punches, a slightly gawky, handsome, angular dude with a fringe of Afro and a way of falling into pensive trances when he's chain-smoking.
I'd explained to her that once he hit the front he'd be twice as gawky as usual.
WITH his big chin and gawky looks, Jimmy was an unlikely lothario.
All too often, cars in this class look gawky, too stubby, too tall and too narrow, with strange, hall of mirrors dimensions.
A gawky kid in Dead Poets Society 25 years ago, Ethan Hawke has grown into his 44-year-old looks to become one of my favourite actors - like a more grounded version of Tom Cruise.
As a young, slightly gawky 22- year- old, he had made it to the cover of the magazine in February 2007.
Act one is the prequel to the events, set in the green room bar, where the teenage Helena (Grace Dickson) plays out the gawky early stages of courtship with a 'Lad'.
"I'm happy with the way I look, but I grew up really skinny and awkward and gawky," Contactmusic quoted her as telling Live magazine.