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Despite his feverish gayety, even Michel Ardan was touched.
The eyes of D'Artagnan regained their gayety and their brilliancy.
In the midst of their gayety a hunter came galloping into the camp, shouting, or rather yelling, "A trail!
He seems to be in earnest; not a vestige is left of the easy gayety of his manner.
It is perhaps remarkable, considering her temperament, that Phoebe oftener chose a strain of pathos than of gayety. But the young and happy are not ill pleased to temper their life with a transparent shadow.
They therefore continued to advance with undiminished gayety. The gorgeous dresses of the time, the crimson velvet coats, the gold-laced hats, the hoop petticoats, the silk, satin, brocade, and embroidery, the buckles, canes, and swords, all displayed to the best advantage on persons suited to such finery, made the group appear more like a bright-colored picture than anything real.
"Unless enlivened by the contagious gayety of your smile," returned Delafield, endeavouring to look excessively unconcerned; "but"--
to dinner!" cried the baron, offering his large hand to his daughter, whom he called "Signora Piombellina,"--another symptom of gayety, to which Ginevra replied by a smile.
The band played its liveliest melodies; the servants kept the glasses constantly filled: round all the tables gayety and freedom reigned supreme.
Come!" she cried, throwing her arms round Miss Garth with a feverish gayety -- "congratulate me on my success!"
The gates of heaven at times seemed to open, and a bland air diffused itself over the earth, when animate and inanimate nature would awaken, and, for a few hours, the gayety of spring shone in every eye and smiled on every field.
There is gravity in her gayety, and gayety in her gravity.