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Riviere's gaze made him reject this conclusion, and he met the young man's question with another.
Archer's gaze, wandering away to the blank walls of the office, rested on a hanging calendar surmounted by the rugged features of the President of the United States.
Even David was not reluctant to lend his ears to the tones of voices so sweet; and long ere the chant was ended, his gaze announced that his soul was enthralled.
The cold and senseless remains of his son was all to him, and every other sense but that of sight seemed frozen, in order that his eyes might take their final gaze at those lineaments he had so long loved, and which were now about to be closed forever from his view.
The tongue of Uttawa is weak," he added, looking about him with a melancholy gaze, "and his heart exceeding heavy.
They paused to permit the longing and lingering gaze of the sturdy woodsman, and when it was ended, the body was enveloped, never to be unclosed again.
RIGA, Aug 21 (LETA) Latvijas Gaze natural gas concern in the first six months of this year posted EUR 195.2 million in turnover, up 38.9 percent from the respective period last year, while the company's profit was EUR 2.721 million, according to the Nasdaq Riga stock exchange.
The point, instead of covering the eyes or looking elsewhere (or downwards), is to forbid the ogle or the lecherous gaze - that which seeks to scan the features or contours
Swiss luxury skincare brand La Prairie opened an art exhibition exploring the beauty, the mystery, and the enduring timelessness of the gaze. La Prairie has selected three up-and-coming Swiss female photographers, all graduates of the esteemed Lausanne University of Art and Design (ECAL), a post-secondary educational institution known for promoting Swiss creativity around the world and ranked among the world's top 10 universities of art.
The theory of the Gaze was first introduced by Lacan and soon picked up by other scholars (Lucan, 2011).
I got this feeling in my throat when I was watching the gaze, it was something up to here [points to throat]."
The Medusa Gaze in Contemporary Women's Fiction: Petrifying, Maternal and Redemptive.