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Archer's gaze, wandering away to the blank walls of the office, rested on a hanging calendar surmounted by the rugged features of the President of the United States.
The cold and senseless remains of his son was all to him, and every other sense but that of sight seemed frozen, in order that his eyes might take their final gaze at those lineaments he had so long loved, and which were now about to be closed forever from his view.
The tongue of Uttawa is weak," he added, looking about him with a melancholy gaze, "and his heart exceeding heavy.
They paused to permit the longing and lingering gaze of the sturdy woodsman, and when it was ended, the body was enveloped, never to be unclosed again.
The gaze of the woman in the video first looked directly at the infant, then away, and finally she turned her head away but her eyes were looking back at the baby.
Then, she turned her head to avert her gaze, while still singing nursery rhymes.
The findings indicated that babies' brainwaves were more synchronised to the adults' - when the adult's gaze met the baby's - as compared to when her gaze was averted.
The board of Latvijas Gaze natural gas utility has convened a foundation meeting for gas distribution system operator Gaso on November 22, according to the company's statement to the Nasdaq Riga stock exchange.
The strategies by which foraging predators decide when to redirect their gaze influence both prey detection rates and the prey's ability to detect and avoid predators.
In the all-women group show "The Female Gaze, Part Two: Women Look at Men," the topic is a great maw into which much (good) art is forked: figurative and gestural painting, photographs, sculpture, and embroidery, all spanning 1927 to 2016.
On the other hand, gaze direction and pointing gestures made by the model can automatically trigger attention shifts (Sato, Kochiyama, Uono, & Yoshikawa, 2009).
The arm uses an off-the-shelf eye-tracker to follow a person's gaze , sending instructions to an industrial robot arm depending on how and where the painter looks.