gaze at

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When the toil of the day was over, he would gaze at it for hours, until he began to imagine that those vast features recognized him, and gave him a smile of kindness and encouragement, responsive to his own look of veneration.
The days and nights are "all a wonder and a wild delight," and though I have little time from my dreary work, I steal odd moments to gaze and gaze at the unending glory of what I never dreamed the world possessed.
The cold and senseless remains of his son was all to him, and every other sense but that of sight seemed frozen, in order that his eyes might take their final gaze at those lineaments he had so long loved, and which were now about to be closed forever from his view.
The porridge, sweetened with some dry brown sugar from an old store which he had refrained from using for himself, stopped the cries of the little one, and made her lift her blue eyes with a wide quiet gaze at Silas, as he put the spoon into her mouth.
Another recollection contributed also to sadden Raoul: on their arrival at Sonores he had perceived, hidden behind a screen of poplars, a little chateau which so vividly recalled that of La Valliere to his mind that he halted for nearly ten minutes to gaze at it, and resumed his journey with a sigh too abstracted even to reply to Olivain's respectful inquiry about the cause of so much fixed attention.
As the boat glided along the stream, she stood leaning on one arm of Charles, while Miss Emmerson held the other, in delighted gaze at the objects, which they had scarcely distinguished before they were passed.
and may sometimes have been aware that strangers could subsequently gaze at their image).
This style gives individuals the ability to identify the media gaze at work in their everyday lives and extends the reader's learning process well beyond the completion of the book.
Washington, June 29 (ANI): Our genes influence how deeply we gaze at happy faces, according to a study led by an Indian-origin researcher.
It's perfectly natural to gaze at things you admire and you wouldn't be the first man to get a thrill from a good butcher's at a nice pert breast.
1 -- 2 -- color) Above left, Evan, 5, left, and Ian Heidebrink, 6, gaze at the pendulum exhibit at the Griffith Observatory on Friday, its first day open to the public after extensive renovations.
14) Cinematically, this scene rehearses the very spectacle of the freak show: Sethe, Denver, and Paul D form a kind of half-circle around this human oddity and gaze at her with commingled looks of wonder and trepidation.