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The two speechless gazers bent themselves down to the earth, as if in prayer, and remained thus a long time, absolutely motionless: the flag continued to wave silently.
He was a goodly spirit - he who fell : A wanderer by moss-y-mantled well - A gazer on the lights that shine above - A dreamer in the moonbeam by his love : What wonder ?
Oh, yes," said the small star gazer, "I know as much as any of them about the style of sleeves they're going to wear next fall in Mars.
Every evening from 11pm, sky gazers will be able to see a "feast of fireworks", according to experts.
STAR gazers were last night hoping to see a heavenly phenomenon similar to that which may have led the wise men of the Nativity to the birth of Christ.
Instead, star gazers will be trying to catch a heavenly view of Saturn through a powerful telescope.
STAR gazers are in for a treat next Thursday as one of the brightest ever comets, Machholz, orbits earth.
The drive comes to a sudden close at the bridge to the 101 freeway, though a trickle of it quietly picks up across the way, around Lake Hollywood, before heading toward the majestic observatory where at night, the city's lights twinkle like stars below while upward gazers can see the real ones overhead.
And those two star gazers from Johns Hopkins were probably once teen-age geeks who may some day win the Nobel Prize for discovering the color of the universe.
THOUSANDS of star gazers have spied the space shuttle Endeavour as it crosses Irish skies.
IRISH star gazers will be on full alert next week as Russian space station MIR blazes across the sky each night between sunset and midnight.
Business is so good, he said, he's sold out of snapdragons, stock, lilies, freesias and star gazers.