gear with

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Joe was halfway down to the saloon when Martin passed by, bending low over the handle-bars, his legs driving the ninety- six gear with rhythmic strength, his face set for seventy miles of road and grade and dust.
Dynamic simulation of spur gear with tooth root crack propagating along tooth width and crack depth [J].
After you de-mate the Avenger, clean the old grease off the ring gear with a rag.
The pilot, copilot, and engineer all agreed to restrain the aft right main gear with a restraining collar as a precautionary step.
For example, consider a fixed gear with 20 teeth and a nutating gear, or pinion, with 19 teeth.
The benefits of the use of ADI with shot peening produced a gear with good fatigue life, 10% lighter weight, less noise because of the dumping capacity, greater torsional ultimate strength and, because of the graphite in the nodular iron, improved score resistance.