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Moreover, everything you do must be geared towards return on investment - therefore you must have a strategy.
This workshop is geared towards enhancing the capabilities of Alba's board in corporate governance, improving the effectiveness of their interactions both in the boardroom and outside, enabling them to deliver on performance and leadership, as well as maintaining an inspirational role not only for the management but also for all of Alba's employees," he added.
The benefits system is geared towards families faced with physical disabilities.
Director Paul Fried, who says the center is geared towards electronic transaction processing, says it will have three customers on its books by September and can handle three concurrent engagements which it expects to be able to complete in six to eight weeks.
The strategy of The Linde Group is geared towards earnings-based growth and focuses on the expansion of its international business with forward-looking products and services.
Geared towards younger YAs, this highly imaginative story sends a trio of odd characters through time and space in a series of lively adventures, Utten is a tiny blue man who lives in a bucket and can change into a bird whenever he wants.
Osterman and Meissner follow in the footsteps of US women's soccer Olympic gold medalist Heather Mitts, Under Armour's first female athlete and key figure in the company's marketing efforts geared towards women.
This is a fast-paced story, geared towards boys, which will keep the reader intrigued from the first page--a high-interest tale that will engage even the most reluctant readers.
RMX Direct is geared towards publishers who sell their advertising inventory primarily through ad networks.