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The graphical method is the same in principle for all planetary gearing problems but varies somewhat in the procedure to be followed depending upon whether the mechanism consists (a) of spur gears having the same circular pitch; (b) of spur gears having different circular pitches; or (c) of bevel gears.
The result of this new gearing system, which was tested in Europe on commuter and recreational bikes, is a multi-geared bike without the hassle and complexity of the conventional derailleur system.
In addition, this premium lubricant exceeds ANSI/AGMA 9005-E02 Specification Annex D for minimum viscosity recommendations for open gearing in intermittent lubricant applications.
The double-helical gearing is said to eliminate axial loads on the bearings of both the shafts, which means that the rotor bearings are not subject to wear, which is not the case in conventional gear pumps, according to the company.
For several decades, worm gearing has been used in steel mills, machine tools, conveyors, and similar heavy equipment.